Taiwan aka Josh Williams, moved to California to pursue his dream as a dancer at the age of 19.  Taiwan has danced for artists such as Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Pharell, Tank, T.I, E40.  

He has mentored students and choreographed solos and duos which have won top awards.

He has received Top Choreography awards and Solo choreography awards and has mentored students and choreographed solos and duos which have won top awards.

He teaches at the Millenium Dance Complex in L.A. and is alsoa well-known teacher and mentor at international dance events around the world. Among his skills are Hip Hop, Breaking, Krump and Housing. 

Don’t miss the chance to improve your skills with Josh! 

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Kalli is an urban styles dancer from Greece. Being influenced by popping, hip hop & contemporary, she eventually developed her own style with speciality on waving and tutting.
It was in 2013, when the professional career of this self-taught began with the show “Instant Acts”, a Berlin based company and later in the same yea, Kalli became a member of the legendary “Flying Steps”, for the creation of the “RedBull Flying Illusion” show, which toured for the next 5 years. Around 2014, she takes part in the dance theater piece called “Ruhm”, of the well-known german company “Renegade” alongside Christian Zacharas aka RoboZee, with whom she later co-coreographed the show “ Liquid Angles”, winning the first place in the “Dance Delight” competition in Germany. In the mean time Kalli has judged many events around Europe like “Open your mind” battle in Holland (2019), “WOD” in Spain (2018), “Funkin Stylez” in Germany (2017) and many more. Nowadays she's performing her own solo piece called “Desing I” in Dance Festivals, and also a duet piece called “Addiction”, performed by her and Junior Bosilabanya aka “Bboy Junior”. 

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Reis Fernando is a afrodancer, choreographer and actor. At the age of 10, he moved from Angola to the Netherlands. 

Reis started dancing when he was 18 years old. Before that, he was a bricklayer. 

Reis is known for his energetic style and cheerfulness during his lessons and workshops that he gives worldwide. 

He has collaborated with, among others, P-Square, Fedde le Grand, Ronnie Flex, Broederliefde, Frenna, Sydney Samson and more. 

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Zacc Milne is an Irish dancer affiliated with the ImmaBeast dance crew and has worked with choreographers such as Janelle Ginestra and Will DaBeast Adams . He teaches regularly at the Fly Dance Studio in Dublin and is also a very demanded coach at international dance festivals. “As a dancer my favourite thing is to perform and in my class the aim is to push every single person in the room. I want them to dance and perform like they never have before! To break from their inner shell and just LIVE. I do my best to bring something different, teaching people to never shy away from something new, to always commit 100%, and just to have fun."

So overcome your boundaries with Zacc!

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Duc Anh Tran was born  in Vietnam. Later the family moves to Hungary, today the home of Duki. At the tender age of eleven Duki discovers his passion for dancing. His first big career highlight is the final placement at the casting show "Hugarian's Got Talent". In 2012 the exceptional talent founds his own dance school R3D ONE. The World of Dance Network quickly became aware of his Youtube channel and from now on things were going steeply uphill. Duki creates choreographies for big TV shows like Hungarian Idol and the Viva Comet Awards. He is also involved in numerous music videos. In Hungary he is a real superstar and now he's also taking off worldwide.

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Canadian popper Greenteck has a strong reputation worldwide and is well known for his great precision, impeccable style and funky flavour. 
Greenteck is dominant figure on the competitive circuit. He is one of the best dancers in the international dance scene and has a wealth of accolades to his name. These include reaching the semi-finals of the UK B-Boy Championships solo popping battle in both 2010 and 2011. 
Greenteck is no stranger to being on the big stage and alongside competing, he is a well seasoned performer having done numerous shows and commercial work. Drawing in audiences with his innovative concepts, Greenteck is a true showman who uses his energetic spark to keep people guessing and leave them in awe of his creativity.

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Baiba Klints is known as an international choreographer and teacher. She was born  in Riga, Latvia, and has travelled through various countries all over the world. She originally started with a Youtube channel, where she uploaded her dance videos in 2010. Form there she became part of various crews like Nailcuttahz from Lando Wilkins and danced on the biggest stages in the world such as World of Dance, at the Michael Jackson Tribute show and at the BET Awards. Nowadays she’s a well-known judge for competitions like World of Dance or Starmoves as well. Moreover, she shares her knowledges and passion regularly for example at dance studios like Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles or Dance camps like Urban Dance Camp.

We are incredibly happy to have her joining Berlin Dance Camp as well besides all the other things she’s rockin’. Don’t miss to come through and share the passion for dance. 

We are incredibly happy to have her joining Berlin Dance Camp as well besides all the other things she’s rockin’. Don’t miss to come through and share the passion for dance. 

Watch her videos here! 

 Foundation Coaches 

Mendibi Khan (GERMANY)


Mendibi began dancing at the age of three. His mother, a professional ballet teacher in London, and his father, a musician, have given him great musicality and body awareness since birth. His talent and ambition helped him to become the unique dancer he is today. 

Mendibi lives and teaches in Berlin and runs workshops all over Germany. His style is influenced by Hip Hop , Oldschool, New Style, Locking, Krumping, Commercial, Jazz and Contemporary.

His teaching experience and empathy makes him an exceptional coach.

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