The Berlin Dance Camp is a 4-day  educational and intercultural event in the field of "Urban Dance". It takes place in the cultural centre "Alte Feuerwache" (Berlin-Kreuzberg) from 03. 10. - 06. 10. 2019. 

On four days you will be offered different workshops in urban dance directions such as HIP HOP, HOUSE, POPPING, TUTTING, AFRO, COMMERCIAL, as well as various events for mutual subcultural and dance exchange. These are led by internationally experienced dance teachers and choreographers who currently influence the international urban dance scene.


The event will start with an opening session to get to know each other. In addition, discussion rounds, dance circles (Cypher) and dance battles will take place on each workshop day. 

You will be able to expand your dance knowledge and self-confidence, develop an intercultural sense of togetherness and become aware of your own physical and artistic abilities.  Mutual tolerance and appreciation are in the foreground.   

Due to the international character of the Berlin Dance Camp, all workshops and events will be held in English. 


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